About Us

The International dating club "Only You" was created in May 2005 in New York with the informational support of "Davidzon Radio" 620 AM. Today our database has over 8,500 intelligent, professional and serious singles of various ages ranging from 20 to 70 years old.

(Database in our office is completely different from the database on our website WWW.CLUBONLYYOU.COM
Unlike the website with all customers in the office we meet personally and can give true information about each of them).

Each of them has visited our office and passed a personal interview with us. An important part of our job is to consider all of the founding characteristics and psychological nuances necessary for profiling a compatible match.

We then check for a real potential match for each of our clients from our extensive database, considering all of the named criteria. We present our clients with a customized list of potential matches, and upon conducting a preliminary phone call and receiving an approval from the other party, organize meetings.

The above mentioned "Active Program" is accompanied by the contract and has no expiration date; i.e. we will work with you until you reach the desired results. Besides the unlimited choice of matches, we also educate our clients on how to properly conduct the search process, how to avoid disappointments and how to find the best way to achieve the desired results.

It is with pleasure that we share with you the secrets of our happy family life and we use our experience, accumulated over the course of 21 years of work in Israel and the United States, to make each of you happier. After all, this world will become a better place if next to you were a person dear to your heart, a person with whom you can share love and understanding. Each one of you or your loved ones can come to our office for a personal interview and find out your chances of finding the dream partner.

We are open seven days a week, from 2:00 pm till 6:00 pm at the following address:

2508 Coney Island Avenue, 1-st floor(suite #5), Brooklyn, NY, 11223

Feel free to make an appointment at the convenient for you time by calling (718)303-8090.

We highly value your trust and guarantee that the information received from you when you come to our office for a personal interview will remain confidential.

At club "Only You" we also organize public events. You can find out about them by clicking on "Events" tab on our website. You can also receive the detailed information on the operation of our website and payment methods at the "Site Tour" page.

Instructions for using the website:
1. Choose a package consisting on one, three or five candidates and make a payment by pressing "Payment” button on the main menu.
2. Send us an e-mail with the list of nicknames and chosen candidates to our e-mail : info@clubonlyyou.com.
3. In case your candidate does not show interest in your profile, you have an option to choose an additional candidate, free of charge. PAYMENTS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.

Our payment system is very different from many other dating sites. We do not charge based on time, but according to the number of choices made. You have several different options:

$5.99 - 1 candidate
$12.99 - 3 candidates
$19.99 - 5 candidates

To make the payment, you must go to the main menu and go into the “Payment” category. No information will be given without first receiving your payment.

If you wish to participate at a popular program "Davidzon Radio" 620 AM – "Radio Matchmaker" every Sunday at 4:00 pm EST, call us on our live broadcasting line at (718) 303-9090.

Each of you has a right to build your own life, but if you decide to add in some bright colors of love to the palette of your life, if you dream of family and personal happiness, you can always count on our professional help.

Love and be loved and, most importantly, do everything to live happily along with club "Only You".

Wishing you all the best!

Lora and Roman Goldman.


International dating club "Only You".