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Welcome to our international dating site “Only you”. We hope that with the help of our site, you will find that perfect someone you’ll have for life. Meeting different people through the internet will erase all worldly borders. Our site is based on a dating agency that is very popular in New-York and New-Jersey – Club “Only you”. Because of this, the way we work is different from any similar dating sites. Once you come across someone you are interested in, we will contact that individual and let him/her know that there is someone interested in them. This way the administration of our club “Only you” cannot be held accountable for the information shown in your profile at

(Database in our office is completely different from the database on our website WWW.CLUBONLYYOU.COM
Unlike the website with all customers in the office we meet personally and can give true information about each of them).

In order to achieve better results, we ask you to abide by the following rules:

1.Fully fill out all the information on your profile, including any recent pictures that you would like your potential match to see. *Remember, there is absolutely no registration fee on our site.
2. Choose a package consisting on one, three or five candidates and make a payment by pressing "Payment” button on the main menu.
3. Send us an e-mail with the list of nicknames and chosen candidates to our e-mail :
4. In case your candidate does not show interest in your profile, you have an option to choose an additional candidate, free of charge. PAYMENTS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.

Our payment system is very different from many other dating sites. We do not charge based on time, but according to the number of choices made. You have several different options:

$5.99 - 1 candidate
$12.99 - 3 candidates
$19.99 - 5 candidates

To make the payment, you must go to the main menu and go into the "Payment" category. No information will be given without first receiving your payment.
We truly believe that with the help of our site, our personal approach and understanding of all your needs we’ll help you to build a happy personal life. If you want us to work with you personally in our New-York office, you can find complete information in "About Us" section. If you would like to take part in our scheduled dance parties for singles as well as our romantic excursions, complete information can be found in "Events" page.
If you’d like to participate in our popular radio show – "Radio Matchmaker", that is broadcasted every Sunday at 4 PM EST time, you can call and be aired live on Davidzon Radio 620 AM : 1-718-303-9090.
You can listen to our program online at :

We will greatly appreciate hearing about the happy matches made on our site. To let us know, go to "Contacts." We will happily share your stories in "Success Stories" page.
Our site is for those who love life and want to fully enjoy in next to someone special! Life is too short to pass up an opportunity to meet the one you’re supposed to be happy with!
We would like to thank you for trusting our dating club “Only you” and wish you all the best in your not-so-simple search.

Sincerely yours,
Lora and Roman Goldman.
International Dating Club: "Only you".